20 Joe Bonamassa Licks in the Key of E

20 Joe Bonamassa Licks in the Key of E

In this lesson, I’m showing you how to play 20 awesome Joe Bonamassa licks in the key of E.

The inspiration for these licks mainly come from the live version of Just Got Paid, from the album Tour de Force. It is an absolutely incredible solo in this song. Check out the video here:

All the licks are in either E minor pentatonic, E dorian, or E major pentatonic.

There are a lot of licks here that are relatively easy to play, and there are some very simple ideas in each Bonamassa-style lick that you can apply to your own licks, even if you are a beginning player.

There are also a few of those really fast style Bonamassa licks covered here.

For each lick, I give playing tips, and talk about specific techniques if they are required, like economy picking. Each lick is broken down note-by-note and includes tablature.

There is something here for all levels of player. Enjoy these- they are very fun to play!

If you like this, definitely check out the other videos that I have up at the Guitar Lick Dojo channel Enjoy!


ZIP file includes licks in 4 formats:

PDF, PNG, Music XML, Guitar Pro 7



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