Turning Major Into Mixolydian

Turning a Major into a Mixolydian Lick

This is a lick that has a very major pentatonic section, and a very mixolydian section. In this lesson, I go over a very simple trick that I use to make a mixolydian-sounding idea out of a very major-sounding idea.

It comes down to simply knowing where the “mixolydian” note is. By “mixolydian” note, i mean the flat 7th. This is the note that turns a major scale into mixolydian. The major scale has a natural 7th instead of a flat 7th.

The trick is basically this: play a major pentatonic lick, and throw in a section that includes the flat 7th! This means that if you are comfortable playing in the major pentatonic scale, you can play mixolydian too! Try applying this simple trick within the minor scale as well. For example, try to make the minor scale sound Dorian, by adding the major 6th.


ZIP file includes licks in 4 formats:

PDF, PNG, Music XML, Guitar Pro 7



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